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Please note: This is not a Zodiac killer website. I have, however, endeavored to be as comprehensive and as accurate as possible in my analysis of Kane’s life. Consequently, it was necessary – in places – to include certain documents and information (be it beneficial or detrimental to the case against Lawrence Kane) relevant to the Zodiac killer case. My inclusion of this material should not be interpreted as an endorsement of Kane’s candidacy as a suspect, nor should it be construed as an out-and-out repudiation. Those who wish to evaluate Lawrence Kane’s merits as a suspect in the Zodiac killer case are encouraged to visit Alex Lewis’s website at lawrencekanezodiac.wordpress.com. For a rebuttal, see Michael Butterfield’s website at zodiackillerfacts.com.

Hear Lawrence Kane speak (Recording made available courtesy of Rex Strother. For additional context, see https://lawrencekane.wordpress.com/#voice-recording):

Larry Kane

Born: April 29, 1924, Brooklyn, New York

Died: May 20, 2010, Reno, Nevada

Known Aliases:

  • Lawrence Klein (birth name)
  • Lawrence Kaye
  • Larry Kay
  • Lawrence Barton
  • Larry King
  • Lawrence Kane
  • S.A. Klieman
  • Lawerence Klein
  • Lawrence “Steven” Klein
  • Lawrence Cane


FBI #: 4-947-813

CII #: 1-998-641

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All legal documents, vital records, newspaper articles, &c. were obtained by researcher Travis Miller, except where otherwise noted.

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