The Murder of Dana Lull (Las Vegas, 1974)

(Hayward Daily Review. 05/03/1974.)


(The Las Vegas Sun. April 29, 1974.)

Las Vegas Sun 1974-05-01_3 Dana Lull

(The Las Vegas Sun. 05/01/1974.)

Las_Vegas_Sun_1974-05-02_1 Dana Lull murder

(The Las Vegas Sun. 05/02/1974.)

Las Vegas Sun 1974-05-03_1 Dana Lull Larry Kane

(The Las Vegas Sun. May 03, 1974.)


(The Las Vegas Review-Journal. 05/06/1974.)

(Benton Harbor News Palladium. 05/08/1974.)

Las_Vegas_Review-Journal_1974-05-06_1 (1)

(The Las Vegas Review-Journal. 05/06/1974.)


(The Las Vegas Sun. May 09, 1974.)



lawrence kane zodiac killer suspect dana lull murder

(The Santa Ana Register. May 17, 1974.)

Las Vegas Sun 1974-05-22_14 Dana Lull

(The Las Vegas Sun. May 22, 1974.)

needles desert star may 23 1974 Dana Lull

Needles Desert Star May 23 1974 Dana Lull 2

(The Needles Desert Star. May 23, 1974.)


(The Las Vegas Review-Journal. May 19, 1974. In 1978, then-26-year-old David Ray Bean was tried and convicted for the 1973 murder of Terry Romeo. He is currently serving a life sentence in Ely State Prison without the possibility of parole. Subsequent investigation exonerated Bean as a suspect in Dana Lull’s murder.)


(The Las Vegas Review-Journal. 05/30/1974.)


(The Las Vegas Review-Journal. 05/30/1974.)


dana lull las vegas

(The Elwood Call-Leader. June 07, 1974.)

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(Dana M. Lull, California Death Index. Attribution:

(Above: Calico Basin turnout on W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. Courtesy of Google Maps.)

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Dana Lull murder Las Vegas Mountain Springs Road

(Above: Mountain Springs Rd., San Bernardino Co., CA. Courtesy of Google Maps.)

Dana Lull yearbook photo

(Dana Lull, 1974 Western High School yearbook photo.)